Stiiizy Carts SFV OG


$35.00 $30.00


Stiiizy Carts SFV OG


SFV OG Stiiizy. Which is evolving in the cannabis industry by creating a product which offers a discreet experience. Which is build for portability and convenience.
STIIIZY is setting industry standards to inspire and influence the world through this innovative methods. STIIIZY is revolutionizing the portable cannabis industry with a product that offers a burn and leak-free experience.

A pure indica strain that starts in the back of the head and slowly makes its way to the rest of the body. With a numbing pain as it goes.

When you sfv og syringe from us. It comes with a Earthy, Pine, and Lemon. It provides you with a Relaxing, Euphoric, and Happy.

You can get the best stiiizy pod from us to help save your money today.

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